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“The Great British Bake-Off” vs “Le meilleur patissier”

Posted in Uncategorized by marcnaimark on 2015/02/28

britishbake-off-675x400Just started watching “The Great British Bake-Off”, and it’s already sooo much better than the unbearable French version “Le meilleur patissier”. Why are French cooking shows so bad? Some thoughts:

  1. The French take themselves too seriously, especially about food. I recall the short-lived French version of “Ready, Steady, Cook”, and the guest chefs couldn’t bring themselves to using the ingredients provided in any way other than the “right” way, nor prepare something other than the “right” way.  Replace crème fraîche with yoghurt? No way!
  2. Bad hosting personalities. Cyril Lignac is on retainer to M6, but must he be on every show? Is he a pastry chef? No, so why’s he hosting a baking show?
  3. Length. The British shows last one hour. The French need to fill up an evening. “Le meilleur patissier” is not the worst, but it can last as long as two hours. “Top Chef” an “Masterchef” are even worse, with the extra length draining all energy from the show.

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