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It’s World Hijab Day! Try it, you’ll like it! Next up: World FGM Day

Posted in Uncategorized by marcnaimark on 2015/02/03

hijabSo this “World Hijab Day” appears to be a thing, of sorts. Immodest women, Muslim or not, are encouraged to give the hijab a try. It’s about the beauty of modesty. But apparently only women need to be modest. Men can be huge sexy sluts. They can’t help it, of course.

To the inventor of this incredibly lame event: sorry, no.

You say: “Hopefully, this event will make people realize that women who wear the hijab are just like anyone else.”They are not like anyone else. They are victims of a sexist religious ideology that insults men by saying they’re unable to control themselves if exposed to the radiant beautiy of an uncovered female.

You say: “They’re not oppressed or are forced to wear it.” Except of course when they are. For example, in the Paris suburbs where a girl who does not wear the hjab is considered loose and eager to be raped.

You say: “They just simply want to follow their faith by being modest, just like Mary (mother of Jesus).” We don’t really know how Mary, fi she existed, dressed. We do know that she didn’t eat pork, so all you folks reading this, no bacon for you.

So lady; it’s bad enough you let yourself be treated like a harlot needing to be covered, but stop pushing your backwards nonsense on others. And others: stop playing this stupid game.


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