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Turnstile tales

Posted in Uncategorized by marcnaimark on 2015/01/21

I’m still laughing at the story Jimmy is tellng me.

To enter the metro in Paris, most often there is a horizontal turnstile with a door right after it. They added the door to make it harder to just jump the turnstile. The two devices are connected so that the door only opens as the turnstile turns (and the turnstile only turns when you use your pass or ticket).

When he arrived at the row of turnstiles, there was a guy stuck between the turnstile and the door, possibly because he had a large bag that prevented him from passing right away. Or possibly because he was faredodging. Either way, he was stuck, and rather than helping him, all the other passengers were just using the turnstiles on either side, leaving him there to stew.

Jimmy, a white knight and a kind heart, approached the turnstile so that the guy could get out when Jimmy used his pass. Instead of thanking him, the guy cried out: “No, not here! Can’t you see I’m stuck!”.

My interpretation is that the guy was just really, really dumb. Jimmy’s is more somber: he thinks that the guy, having seen so many people ignore his plight, couldn’t imagine that someone would come and help him.

As I write this, I’m no longer laughing.

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