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When French soldiers discover Jewish mothers

Posted in Uncategorized by marcnaimark on 2015/01/15

militaireA post on Tel-Avivre, a website devoted to news of Israel for French Jews, tells the story of what happens when French soldiers find their new Jewish mothers.

Since the attacks of last week, the protection of Jewish places of business, worship, and education has been massively increased, with soldiers assigned to guard them. Ten thousard are assigned to Jewish schools, where the soldiers eat their midday meal in the school cafeteria, where they are able to talk with the teachers, staff, and parent volunteers.

They explain that they rotate from place to place, remaining on duty only a few days at any given site, so as to avoid developing bad habits.

The parents appreciate the protection offered to their children and their teachers, and in the gloomy atmosphere of omnipresent fear, want to create some cheer. How? Like all good Jewish mothers, they now arrive each morning with food for the soldiers.

Question: Just how fat will they get?

See also this story in Libération which explains that the presence of the armed soldiers is reassuring, but also generates anxiety for children (and parents).


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