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Film titles need therapy to return to paradise, but it’s a case of force majeure for tourists

Posted in Uncategorized by marcnaimark on 2015/01/14

I am often annoyed when I see films in France with English titles, especially if it’s an English-language film with a different title. For exemple that whole “Very Bad X” series, based on the success of The Hangover, whose French title was Very Bad Trip. A new entry in this mysterious world is this mostly-Swedish film, whose original title is Turist, which I guess means “tourist”. Now, Tourist, could be a good title in English, and Touriste in French, but of course we already had Anthony Zimmer and its American remake The Tourist, whose French title was Le touriste in Quebec (and The Tourist in France), so perhaps that title was out.

In a strange reversal, the French version is called Snow Therapy, while the English-language version is called Force Majeure. So Turist takes a French name in English and and Engish name in French. Weird.

Even if the French distributors wanted to use Force Majeure, they may have hesitated because of a past film, the very successful Force Majeure with François Cluzet and Patrick Bruel (which I recommend).

As it happens, this takes us to one of those strange naming chains. The French Force Majeure (1989) was remade in the US as Return to Paradise (1998). The French title of that film was Loin du paradis (far from paradise), which was also the French title for 2002’s Far From Heaven.  Return to Paradise has pretty good ratings, but I’d never heard of it.


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