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Top Chef 12.4

Posted in Top Chef, Uncategorized by marcnaimark on 2014/11/07

tcCold open with Aaron going on about how big a dick Katsuji is. Pot, kettle. And Keriann wants to go home. So she’ll either win or pack up her knives and go.

We’re at Cheers with George Wendel, to make gourmet barfood. This is yet another dumb challenge, after the ballpark elimination. Stacy assures all that it’s the “real Cheers’. There is no such thing, silly one. There is a bar in Boston that served for the establishing shots, and that was renamed Cheers by its owner.

Aaron serves peanut butter and mayo hamburger served with a sunnyside up egg. Apparently it’s quite good.
Katie made battered cheese curds and olives. Ugh.
Stacy made a fancy BLT thing.
Rebecca’s Buffalo wings have insufficient glaze and no sauce.
Keriann made an onion ring with crab on top. She’s been conceptualizing it a long time.
James is from SE Michigan, so there’s a big Middle Eastern influence, so he’s making hummus. It’s somehow involved in his bean puree and pepper thing.
Gregory’s made hamburgers but he drops oodles of buns before reaching the bar. And his burger is dry.
Adam’s made chilaquiles. No idea what that is. It’s a bean thing.
Mei made Buffalo wings and hers are much better than Rebecca’s.
Katsuji’s made ceviche.

Katsuji wins immunity.

Chef Michael Scholow is a local top chef, and teams of three will be making three-course Italian menus. Diners will choose the most appealing-looking menu, and the one that is chosen the most often, wins. The cheftestants have to make their own teams: who are the popular kids and who will be left unchosen?

Gregory, Katsuji, and Aaron are a team. No shenanigans there, of course. They’re exec chefs, so they know how to write a menu.

K and A are being babies and fighting. Poor Gregory.

Mei, Adam, and Dougie are a team. They’re sous chefs so they don’t know how to create a menu. Mei thinks that their food will be so great that they’ll win. She seems not to have understood that if your menu isn’t ordered, you lose. And their menu isn’t ordered.

There’s an actress judging. Emily Rossum. She’s a shitter. She’s gluten free. That’s fine, but don’t do a cooking chow.

Purple and blue menus are doing the best.

Blablabla. Pretty boring.

Just realized that Aaron looks and sounds like Adam Palley. Oh no!

Gregory, K and A won. K’s ravioli sucked, but he had immunity and was on the winning team.

Rebecca and James are out. That’s fair.




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