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French LGBT soccer team launches rainbow laces weekend for French pro league: “Say ‘yes’ to difference!’

Posted in France, sport by marcnaimark on 2014/09/26

LFP_4x3_FIERS-DE-NOS-DIFFERENCESAs part of Football Against Racism in Europe’s “Football People” action week, Panamboyz United (“Panam” is French slang for “Paris”), a gay-friendly soccer team that was born as the competition squad of Paris Foot Gay. The club, now a member of the FSGL, the French LGBT sports federation, haven’t forgotten their start as part of an advocacy group, and have launched an impressive campaign which will see the teams of the first and second division of the French professional soccer leagues wearing rainbow laces in matches from 17 to 20 October.

During that weekend, special video messages including top players will be shown during pro matches.

Here is their promo video:

Here’s our translation:

On Tuesday when I go to practice, there are straight guys, gay guys, Jews, Muslims, Catholics,

“What are you doing Saturday night? It’s my boyfriend’s 30th birthday.”
“I’ll be there. “

There are white guys, blacks, North Africans.

“Yeah, now my daughter’s lost her job, it’s hell at home.”

There are even guys who kick with their left foot. We’re really all different! And yet we all play on the same team, and we all wear the same jersey.

Be like us: Say “yes” to difference.


Wear rainbow laces! Let’s be proud of our differences!

On the weekend of 18-19 October, players in Divisions 1 and 2 of the French professional soccer league will be wearing rainbow laces to say “yes” to difference.

You too can wear rainbow laces to promote diversity and mutual respect.

Learn more at their website:

You can order your own rainbow laces at


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