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French LGBT soccer team launches rainbow laces weekend for French pro league: “Say ‘yes’ to difference!’

Posted in France, sport by marcnaimark on 2014/09/26

LFP_4x3_FIERS-DE-NOS-DIFFERENCESAs part of Football Against Racism in Europe’s “Football People” action week, Panamboyz United (“Panam” is French slang for “Paris”), a gay-friendly soccer team that was born as the competition squad of Paris Foot Gay. The club, now a member of the FSGL, the French LGBT sports federation, haven’t forgotten their start as part of an advocacy group, and have launched an impressive campaign which will see the teams of the first and second division of the French professional soccer leagues wearing rainbow laces in matches from 17 to 20 October.

During that weekend, special video messages including top players will be shown during pro matches.

Here is their promo video:

Here’s our translation:

On Tuesday when I go to practice, there are straight guys, gay guys, Jews, Muslims, Catholics,

“What are you doing Saturday night? It’s my boyfriend’s 30th birthday.”
“I’ll be there. “

There are white guys, blacks, North Africans.

“Yeah, now my daughter’s lost her job, it’s hell at home.”

There are even guys who kick with their left foot. We’re really all different! And yet we all play on the same team, and we all wear the same jersey.

Be like us: Say “yes” to difference.


Wear rainbow laces! Let’s be proud of our differences!

On the weekend of 18-19 October, players in Divisions 1 and 2 of the French professional soccer league will be wearing rainbow laces to say “yes” to difference.

You too can wear rainbow laces to promote diversity and mutual respect.

Learn more at their website:

You can order your own rainbow laces at


Who’s got your back? UN Human Rights Council vote on resolution against anti-LGBT violence

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unvote / Pour que le petit pas du CIO en faveur de l’égalité ne soit pas le dernier

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Certaines organisations, celles qui ont le plus profité de la visibilité offerte par le choix du Comité international olympique de tenir les derniers Jeux olympiques d’hiver à Sotchi dans la si homophobe Russie, étaient ravies de crier victoire lors de l’annonce faite par le CIO qu’une clause interdisant la discrimination sur la base de l’orientation sexuelle serait incluse dans le contrat liant le CIO et la ville hôte pour la prochaine sélection.

L’on comprend que des groupes qui cherchent à se rendre plus visibles, à améliorer leur couverture médiatique, et augmenter leur potentiel en matière de récolte de fonds pourriaent décrire cette annonce comme une victoire qui leur incombe (tout en ignorant des groupes avec un engagement plus long et plus durable en la matière, par exemple la Fédération des Gay Games, Human Rights Watch, ou le mouvement Pride House). Que quel est l’apport de cette modification de contrat ? Que faudrait-il que fasse le CIO pour changer réellement le mouvement olympique pour respect le principe du sport pour tous, dont les sportif/ves LGBT ? Considérons d’abord la révision proposée du contrat. Voici la nouvelle clause L du contrat (notre traduction) : (more…) / Le porte-parole de campagne de Nicolas Sarkozy continue son parcours sans faute

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Dans son show dimanche dernier sur France 2, Nicolas Sarkozy a choqué par l’opposition faite entre les « homosexuels » d’un côté et « la famille » et par l’affirmation que le mariage pour tous constitue une « humiliation » pour les « braves gens ». Distinguer « homosexuels » et « famille », on pourrait trouver ça homophobe. Distinguer les « homosexuels » et les « braves gens » aussi. Demander l’égalité des homosexuels, c’est « humilier » les familles ? Chacun en jugera.

En tout cas, pour ceux qui estiment qu’il s’agit de propos homophobes de la part de Nicolas Sarkozy, la désignation de Gérald Darmanin comme porte-parole de campagne n’est pas faite pour contredire cette appréciation. Pour s’en rendre compte, voyons le parcours de M. Darmanin. Il s’agit du maire UMP de Tourcoing, d’un jeune loup de la Droite populaire, dont la carrière professionnelle est consacrée exclusivement à des mandats d’élu et de soutiens divers (aide parlementaire, etc.) à d’autres hommes politiques. Et quels hommes ! (more…)

Slate / Is the new Olympic host city contract enough to prevent LGBTQ discrimination?

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The Associated Press reports today that the International Olympic Committee hasdecided to include new language in host city contracts that will require the cities and national Olympic committees of their countries to adhere to Principle 6 of the Olympic Charter, which bans discrimination in sport. Despite the fact that sexual orientation and gender identity are not explicitly protected in the clause’s language (unlike race, nationality, gender, etc.), advocacy organizations like Athlete Ally and All Out are praising the move as a great improvement from the 2014 Sochi games, during which Russia’s “gay propaganda” laws drew criticism from LGBTQ and human rights groups around the world.

Yet nothing in this announcement can guarantee any real protection for LGBTQ people. While All Out may claim that “This clause will ensure that future host cities must abide by international human rights standards in order to host the games, including the protection of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens and athletes,” this is more wishful thinking than reality. For that kind of protection to be certain, the IOC must explicitly include sexual minorities in its Charter or host city contract—and, more important, provide a means of enforcing such commitments.


Slate / Would a second Sarkozy presidency end marriage equality in France?

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After losing the 2012 French presidential election to François Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy swore he was leaving politics for good. He made a stab at business in the following years, bankrolled by his friends in Qatar, but was an even bigger failure at that than he had been as president. After months of fake suspense, he finally made the official announcement last week that he would run to lead his political party, the UMP, which is crippled by corruption scandals (many involving Sarkozy’s own 2012 presidential campaign) and drowning in debt.

Although a majority of French people would like Sarkozy to go away, he remains popular among party members, and is the clear favorite to win UMP leadership race, which would in turn position him well to become the right-wing party’s candidate for the presidency in 2017. But with his comments last Sunday about marriage equality—he suggested it was “humiliating” to straight families—Sarkozy may have weakened his chances of winning by bringing jaded LGBTQ voters back into play.


These Days Every Day is a Bad Day for François Hollande (and France)

Posted in France by marcnaimark on 2014/09/15

francois-hollande-et-valerie-trierweiler-sur-la-scene-de-la-bastille-10692787dsdyyIn 2012 François Hollande was elected president of France because unlike his opponent, the incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy, he promised to be just an ordinary guy. He’s certainly not extraordinary. But is “infraordinary” a word? Because not a day goes by without poor Hollande, known as Flamby (a brand of individual flans in a cup) shuddering like a bowl of Jello after new blows to his presidency. Beyond the consequences for the man, there will be an impact on the future of the French executive, and more important, on French democracy, with a real threat of a far-right (and anti-American) majority in parliament.

Hollande now rivals Jacques Chirac for the lowest approval ratings for any president of the Fifth Republic. He has brought his own party close to the breaking point, and has seen the rise of the far-right National Front become the leading vote getter in the country, ahead of the Sarkozy’s UMP, itself riven by corruption scandals and personal rivalries. (more…)

Slate / Yes, those straight guys who wed for rugby tickets are mocking marriage. What’s new?

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blogslatenzFrom Slate

Oh, the irony: Gay folk are upset about someone attacking the dignity of marriage by getting married. That’s the line homophobes use to oppose marriage equality: Same-sex marriage somehow magically undermines the institution of mixed-sex marriage.

Yet the dignity argument is the one that’s being trotted out in response to the news that a couple of apparently straight New Zealand bros, Travis McIntosh and Matt McCormick, got married as part of a radio publicity stunt. The reward offered for two friends willing to show just how strong their friendship is? Tickets to the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England. The ceremony took place, appropriately enough, at Eden Park, Auckland’s famed rugby venue.

Australian MP Alex Greenwich was not happy. “It essentially makes a mockery of marriage. Marriage is a really important institution about love and commitment and it’s sad to see that there are people who are making a joke out of that,” he said. (more…)

Slate / A new study supports female athletes unfairly excluded from sport

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I’ve had the pleasure of having a few pieces published on in Slate, in particular in Outward. None have had as much response, good and bad, as my rant against the current International Olympic Committee policy that bans women with high natural testosterone levels from competing in women’s events.

Many of the commenters on my earlier piece about the exclusion of Indian sprinter Dutee Chand from the 2014 Commonwealth Games seemed not to have read the article. No, I was not calling for an end to women’s sport. No, I do not think that people should just decide what gender to compete in. No, it is not plausible that men will declare themselves women just to get a great WNBA contract. No, banned athlete Dutee Chand was not doping. No, it clearly is not obvious who is a woman for the purposes of sport, as decades of failure have so clearly demonstrated. And no, there is absolutely no history of a man competing as a woman—all the examples cited were ambiguous cases, or intersex women, or women whose chromosomes didn’t comply with the tidy binary that our society enforces on men and women.


@Homomicro / Je parle de, du Forum FSGL, de @ParisGames2018

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bloghomomicro20140915Audio here

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