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The Pod Delusion / Tokyo 2020

Posted in audio, Olympics, sport, The Pod Delusion by marcnaimark on 2013/09/27

poddelusionAudio here

Costume Controversy (1:43) by Tannice Pendegrass

The Battle Over Gender Highlights (7:20) ft Gia Milinovich, Julie Bindel, Bethany Black and Adrian Dalton
Multidimensional Maths Breakthrough (15:45) by Sean Ellis
The Fox News Mole (25:47) by James O’Malley (ft Joe Muto)
Motor Neuron Developments (42:10) by Sandra Prow (ft Rachael Dunlop)
Tokyo 2020 (53:29) by Marc Naimark


The Pod Delusion / The IOC and human rights

Posted in Olympics, sport, The Pod Delusion by marcnaimark on 2013/09/06

poddelusionAudio here

Chemical Weapons Sold To Syria? (2:16) by Dr*T

Space Ants! (9:26) by Kash Farooq (ft Prof Max Vasile)
The IOC and Human Rights (21:20) by Marc Naimark
Debating Religion (28:44) by Sean Slater
Z-List Dead-List (36:38) by Iszi Lawrence