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In 2020 evaluation report, IOC again proves that trees are more important than people at the Olympics

Posted in FGG, Olympics, sport, Uncategorized, web by marcnaimark on 2013/06/26

blogggtreesFrom the Gay Games blog:

Well, the evaluation report (view here on for bids for the 2020 Summer Olympics is out, and once again we can see the priorities of the IOC and once again they’re not human rights, and in particular LGBT rights.

We do note that none of the finalists (Istanbul, Madrid, Tokyo) are as dreadful as Sochi in terms of human rights (although Turkey seems to be trying its best). But the lack of any discussion of human rights in this document is telling.

You might think that this is because the focus of the document is on venues and other infrastructure for the Olympics, and you’d not be entirely wrong. Indeed, a great many pages are devoted to such topics. But there are many other points considered by the evaluation committee, including “education”, “safety and security”, and the “environment”. (more…)