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Gay folks… be proud, demand more

Posted in FGG, sport, Uncategorized, web by marcnaimark on 2013/03/15

blogggmoreFrom the Gay Games blog:

In the last few days we’ve seen the gay press, and a lot of LGBT people, get very excited about not much.

The Queen loves us! She’s going to sign a charter against LGBT discrimination in the Commonwealth!

Well, no. Not really. Not at all, in fact. She is required as a figurehead to sign a toothless charter that actually goes out of its way *not* to say anything about LGBT people. And it’s for a Commonwealth where in the majority of countries it’s illegal to be gay.

There’s a new Pope! He’s new, he’s different, he looks like a kindly grandfather!

Well, no. He’s still the head of a Catholic Church that denigrates and insults and rejects us, where their own pedophiles are protected as they decry homosexuals. He himself is a major homophobe, as demonstrated in his protests against marriage equality in Argentina. (more…)