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GayStarNews / Why the Olympic Pride House is standing tall for gay sport

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bloggsnpridehouseFrom GayStarNews:

Tomorrow (9 August), partners in London’s Olympic Pride House and other organisations will be joining in a protest against the homophobic ban by Russian authorities on a Pride House at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The Sochi Exhibition in London is Russia’s promotional push for the winter games which will be held in the city of the same name on the Black Sea coast.

The judge who endorsed the ban on an LGBT Pride House in Sochi for the games said that it would damage Russian morality and even endanger Russia’s future as a viable country.

So why was it important for us to create a Pride House in London, and why, beyond our opposition to the homophobic nature of the ban, do we want to see a Pride House in Sochi?

The International Olympic Committee has chosen to organise sport and the Olympics on the basis of nations. We have National Olympic Committees and national teams parading into the stadium behind their national flags. And many nations host a national ‘house’ at the Olympics, a place to meet and exchange, to enjoy the Olympics from their particular national vantage, and to promote their national sports movement.

But society is not organised only by nations. Society includes any number of communities, among including that of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. And like the various nations, we too have our sports movement, our organisations, our events. (more…)